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A.J. Recana

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Information For Future Ambassadors


As a Moderator in the InvArch Ambassador Program, it is your responsibility to ensure that our community remains a welcoming, and focused environment for like-minded individuals to come together and learn about InvArch and Tinkernet! Moderators are also responsible for protecting the community from any would-be bad actors. Moderators are the front-line of defense for our community. Moderators help guide new Ambassadors in the Program on getting started. Consider applying for a Moderator position today!


Community designers are ARMY members who will create premium high-quality graphics that are consistent with branding. These designers participate in what is known as the creation flow process in which their design has the opportunity to be featured directly by InvArch if selected by their peers! Designers are encouraged to use any and all tools at their disposal to create content focused on a weekly theme. If you have a knack for thinking outside of the block, then you may be the next Designer featured!


NewsCasters are the community faces of the project. Members who establish themselves in the community as a community member, rather than a member of the team directly. These individuals will host bi-weekly community breakdowns, feature guests from our team, hold special events for our community! If you have a desire to be a leader amongst your Ambassadors, as well as a key member of our community, you should apply today!


Translators are members of our CORE Ambassadors that have committed to being a key leader amongst their own respective language-based communities inside our community. Translators must have past a translation test as well as be able to understand and communicate English fluently. Translators are key in any community, as they bridge the gap between languages, and help keep the public informed! If you have a passion for educating your peers by providing them the knowledge they are barred from accessing, apply today!

The InvArch Army

The InvArch army helps spread online awareness of InvArch & its awesome technologies! As an Ambassador ARMY member, your job is to shine like a beacon for all of those in Web3 who need to find the perfect place to protect their IP. You will communicate the vision that InvArch has established for Web3 to new users and members of our growing community! No matter where you are located, you too can make an impact in the InvArch Ambassador Program, join today!


In this article, I will tell you about the coming changes to the InvArch Ambassador Program and answer key questions about the Embassy we operate …


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Application Form