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Mint your digital work as non-fungible and authenticated IP Files (IPFs)

Combine IPFs into Interchangeable collections called IP Sets

Utilize fungible & Programmable IP Tokens (IPTs) Pegged to an IP Set

IP Files

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are used to represent an immutable record & proof of ownership of unique items such as digital art, real estate, and physical goods [3]. InvArch builds on this technology in several key ways using a new & enhanced NFT class called Intellectual Property Files, also known as IP Files or IPFs. IP Files are non-fungible assets used to certify the existence & authenticity (compared to ownership) of a digital file, protect the uniqueness of an asset, and streamline its management rights.

IP Sets

NFT collections typically serve to categorize non-fungible assets together around a common theme & typically bind them to the collection forever. InvArch features a similar grouping system for IP Files; however, with more relaxed restrictions & expanded capabilities. InvArch features truly composable & interchangeable collections of IPFs called Intellectual Property Sets, which allow different IPFs (regardless of their original IP Set) to co-exist in the any IP Set, be utilized independently, and be assembled in various combinations to satisfy specific user requirements. Unrestricted file composability allows anyone using InvArch to take existing programs, modules, & data, and adapt or build on top of them.

IP Tokens

InvArch institutes completely programmable fungible tokens that can be pegged to an IP Set called Intellectual Property Tokens, also known as IP Tokens or IPTs. Similar to ERC20 fungible tokens, IP Tokens have a property that makes each token exactly the same (in type and value). As a result, IP Sets can deploy IPTs in a very similar manner to how dApps utilize their utility tokens. IP Tokens realize an unrestricted possibility of use-cases such as assigning (exclusive or fractional) ownership rights, seamless royalty allocations, providing access rights & authorization tiers over data, deciding voting weight in a DAO or community governing IP, extending exclusive functionality, providing native currencies for IP-based dApps, & streamlining copyright licensing agreements.

Unleash The Power Of IP Staking

These votes determine the distribution VARCH rewards among the owners of these IP Sets

VARCH holders who stake their token through InvArch can vote on verified IP Sets (projects) that they support.

40% of all network fees are dedicated towards rewarding IP Staking rewards.

Alternatively, holders who stake VARCH can divert some or all of their staking rewards towards an IP Set

Once an IP Set has reach its reward cap, the IP Set is then offboarded and IP Tokens are administered.

In exchange, users can be rewarded a yield of the IP Tokens that belong to the IP Set they’re diverting their rewards toward

Scalable. Interoperable. Secure.

Fast, affordable, upgradeable with substrate

Interoperable & secure with polkadot

Cross-Chain Authentication & Plagiarism Detection


No match means a «Verified» status will be sent back to the source of the IPF; otherwise, a «Warning» status. Then, the IPF will be updated accordingly


IP Modules integrate with other Parachains & expand IP functionality to their ecosystem.


The record is indexed and cross-referenced against all other IPFs, checking for any potential date matches.


When an IPF is minted anywhere across the Paraverse, a record is sent through the Polkadot relay and to the InvArch Parachain.

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The VARCH Token

The key to governing, securing, and powering the InvArch protocol

20%Protocol Treasury

7%Seed Funding

10%Ecosystem Development

10%Strategic Funding

15%Community Growth

8%Team & Advisors

20%Parachain Bonding Rewards

10%InvArch Module Integrations

The InvArch Builders Program


Funding Architecture Projects


Fueling Application Development


Launching Q2, 2022