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The INV4

IP Sets

On-Chain Repositories & Folders. They Consist of interchangeable IP Files & feature various IP Tokens.

IP Files

Omni-Composable & Cross-Chain Authenticated Assets. Powered With RMRK NFTs & Piracy-Proof Files.

IP Tokens

Multi-Tiered Fungible Assets Pegged To IP Sets. Realize Re-Fungible Ownership, Join Copyright, & Various Multi-Utility Purposes.

IP Licenses

On-Chain Copyright, Licensing, & Version Control Management. Customizable, Internationally Compliant, & Attached To Every Root IP Set.


IP Staking

On-Chain Staking For dApps, DAOs, Smart Contracts, & Other IP Set Based Assets. Individuals Can Elect To Stake Toward Projects, Proposals, & Other Technology Built On InvArch.

IP Farming

Built-In Liquidity Tools For dApps, DAOs, & IP Tokens. Individuals Can Elect To Allocate Some Or All Of Their Staking Rewards Toward A Staked IP Set In Exchange For A Set Yield Of Its IP Tokens.

IP Donations

Full Or Partial Donations Of Staking Rewards For dApps, DAOs, Smart Contracts, & Other IP Set Based Assets. Users Can Select IP & Proposals Built On InvArch To Support.


IP Authentication

Cross-Chain Indexing, Cross-Referencing, & Authenticating For INV4 Files & NFTs. InvArch Provides Trustless Data Fingerprints Called xcHashprints & Stores Them In A Decentralized IP Directory. xcHashprints Are Comprised As The Result Of Multiple Hashing Functions & Cross-Referenced Using Various Rounding Algorithms.

IP Disputes

On-Chain Governance Provides A Decentralized Process For Retroactive IP Ownership Disputes. When There Is A Conflict Concerning The Original Ownership Of Assets, Specifically Assets That Are Documented Or Otherwise Verifiable To Have Existed Off-Chain Prior To Their Existence On The InvArch Network.

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Meet the team behind the project

Dakota Barnett
Founder, Project Architect
team_member_circle team_member

Dakota began forming the idea for a way to «bridge the gap between ideas & creations» in the spring of 2017, which later evolved into the project as it is known today. From politics to blockchain, Dakota is a true innovation enthusiast motivated to help foster a more open and decentralized global economy.

Gabriel Facco de Arruda
Co-founder of InvArch and Senior Rust engineer helping to lead technical development of the protocol

Gabriel breathes cutting-edge technology and practices, and provides a breathe of fresh air and perspective that helps shape the protocol as it known today. The community always asks, "Wen Yacht," but all Gabriel is focused on is "Wen social IP collaboration" becomes realized.

Kresna Sucandra
Co-founder of InvArch and lead Substrate developer helping to lead technical development of the protocol

Kresna brings a notable history of studying the deep layers of information found within the very new and powerful blockchain framework that is Substrate. From medical doctor to blockchain developer, Kresna has always has a heart geared towards the greater good of the people.

Mindaugas Savickas
Co-founder of InvArch and Head of Marketing for the project

Mindaugas is focused on expanding awareness of the protocol and overseeing the strategic growth of its community. While Mindaugas has a mind that could shake a shark, he's known for his passion and excitement for building a more inclusive future for all.

Casey Richardson
Community Manager for InvArch in charge of spearheading the project's ambassador program

Casey was a man born of the people, by the people, and for people - he's a people person, and a true lover of decentralized governance. Casey believes in the power and potential of InvArch, and wakes up ready to spread that message to the community each and every day.

Yaroslav Marchyk
The UX/UI Designer behind the illustrations and style that help define and explain the project

Yaroslav first joined InvArch as one of its Senior Ambassadors, and after showcasing his diligence, dedication, and talent through the InvArch Ambassador Program, was welcomed to the project with open arms. Yaroslav helps visualize the utility of the protocol and explain its potential through his designs.

A.J. Recana
Social Media Manager for InvArch responsible for the array of platforms that the protocol uses to connect with its supporters

AJ discovered InvArch and quickly became addicted to discussing the empowering use-cases for the project, and was determined to join the project. His immense passion for helping spread awareness of the protocol helped him become quickly identified as the perfect fit for the team.

Mikhail Nikitenko
Strategic Growth Coordinator

Mikhail Nikitenko first rose through the ranks as a key leader in the InvArch Ambassador Program. As a Global Ambassador, Mikhail's interest in the common-good of InvArch & its future success was always clearly shown with a fiery passion. Today, he works as a member of the team to foster a strong community foundation around InvArch and to ensure that the power of InvArch technology reaches the many audiences it can impact.

Jake Edwards
Rust engineer working on technical development of the protocol

Jake is a musical wizard infused coding genius, passionate about decentralization and the most cutting-edge blockchain frameworks (Substrate, duh). He is currently on a journey to become a shadowy super coder.

Bruno Škvorc
Technical Advisor providing guidance and support over development

Bruno is a former Web3 Foundation educator, Polkadot and Kusama Council member, and founder of the RMRK NFT standard.

Sonja Prstec
Legal Advisor ensuring compliance throughout the project

Sonja is the former legal advisor of the Web3 Foundation, the current legal advisor for NEAR Protocol, and a true legal enthusiast in the blockchain ecosystem.

Rainald Koitz
IP Management Advisor mentoring the approach to IP tokenization

Rainald is a legal and IP management professional in the tech community with a passion for fixing a broken system.

Marvin Tong
Strategic Advisor pulling the best connections and resources for InvArch

Marvin is the co-founder of Phala Network and the Lead advisor for PAKA Capital, who's deep understanding of Polkadot is met by very few.

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