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Blockchain redefines the framework for IP with architecture fit for Web3

Looking at our world today, there is no shortage of ideas, with new ideas coming up every day, nay, every hour. But, ideas are much more powerful than they seem on the surface. Consider that with some funding and the help of a strategic team, an idea can become something real –– a new technology or a solution to a major world problem. With so much value on the line, it is no secret that it becomes a human tendency to want recognition for ideas.

What needs to happen to have an effective blockchain creator economy?

The blockchain space has long been an attractive medium for creators of all kinds. From digital artists to software developers, blockchain tech has something to offer. However, one big challenge still remains in the space - most blockchains follow the ‘to each their own' concept. Interoperability in web3 is still scarce, which limits creators and makes the entry point for many a bit steeper.