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Overflowing Opportunities

Whether you’re a natural writer, love to educate others, or have a skill for energizing crowds, there are a variety of different opportunities to contribute as an InvArch Ambassador.

Being an InvArch Ambassador allows you to get real experience in Web3, build meaningful relationships, and grow your reputation within the Polkadot & InvArch communities!

Rewarding & Empowering

Being recognized as an InvArch Ambassador comes with a lot of respect , but the benefits don’t stop there!

InvArch Ambassadors are always provided with the coolest & latest InvArch swag, have direct access to the InvArch team & receive insider updates, are supported while attending events, and can even receive regularly occurring payouts from a treasury that they control.

Ambassador-Controlled DAO

The InvArch Ambassador program is officially known as the InvArch Embassy DAO, a digital organization launched on the InvArch Network.

The InvArch Embassy DAO is a decentralized organization that has its own treasury of assets & is fully controlled by the InvArch Ambassadors. The DAO features self-executing governance & gives Ambassadors the ability to manage their own program!

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