InvArch is an Omnichain
Account Unification Network
& Universal Gateway to Web3
Designed to Power the World
Multichain Accounts

Multichain Accounts on the InvArch Network give individuals & organizations the power to operate freely across every blockchain using a single non-custodial account, and reintroduce Web3 as one unified domain.

By leveraging Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM) account abstraction & Multiparty Computation (MPC), an InvArch Multichain Account can securely generate & control external accounts on other blockchains.

Dynamic Governance

Multichain Accounts on InvArch feature the most advanced suite of account & member management solutions in the industry through the network’s Saturn Multisig protocol.

Multichain Multisig Accounts on InvArch can feature custom roles & permissions for members, NFTs as multisig members, KYC solutions, dynamic voting thresholds, retroactive configurations, & self-executing governance.

Custom Logic

Smart Contracts can be deployed on the InvArch Network that define & enforce custom governance logic, business rules, or financial automation throughout InvArch Multichain Accounts.

Intended & imagined use-cases include legal wrappers that enforce a required organizational structure, reputation logic & trustless promotions, or automating payroll & budget disbursements.

Revolutionary Power

The InvArch Network can provide an individual with the first & only account they’ll every need, or allow a digitally-native & self-sovereign business to function without boundaries. It can be the infrastructure that powers the only wallet a user will ever need to download, or be the key to unbanking businesses.

InvArch gives individuals & institutions irrevocable control over all of their assets no matter the network. It realizes a way for organizations to exist & transact no different than an individual user, it is a foundation for novel business models that can reinvent the workplace, and it is designed to be a global hub of economic opportunity that is accessible to anybody from anywhere around the globe.

Mainnet - Where tested &
audited features are deployed
for public use.
Experiment Hub - Where
unaudited features are
tested & validated.
Supported Wallets
Developer Interfaces
Saturn Gateway
A multichain asset management platform that gives users the ability to securely manage their funds across multiple blockchains using a single non-custodial account! Built using the Saturn SDK.
Coming soon ...
A blockchain-based hosting & version control platform for git that stores repositories as NFTs. GitArch is censorship-resistant, decentralized, & developer controlled.
Coming soon ...
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